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What the critics are saying

Gamespy says:

"Very rarely does a game surprise me [...] [Viewtiful Joe] is one of the most imaginative experiences I've had all year. Mixing classic gameplay with modern sensibilities and an inimitable art style, Viewtiful Joe is one of the hippest-looking, slickest-playing, and coolest-feeling games around."

"Viewtiful Joe is just plain cool. The game's look and action totally blew me away. I was really surprised at how much depth there was in the fighting system. [...] The game is up there with The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker as one of the best GCN games of the year."

[5 Stars out of 5]

Gamepro says:
"However, Capcom has taken these tried and true formulas and catapulted them head first into the 21 Century by infusing its creation with spell-bindingly gorgeous art direction, relentlessly manic energy, and unique gameplay mechanics, effectively redefining the 2D side-scroller and sculpting it into a lean, mean, beautiful machine. [...] Viewtiful Joe is immediate, extremely challenging, and grows progressively deeper as you advance. It is frantic, exhilarating, and addictive. In short, it is a classic and everything a game should be."

[5 / 5]

"Viewtiful Joe lives up to the hype. At a time when most publishers, Capcom included, seem content to churn out the same old stuff, the developers at Team Viewtiful have succeeded in blending the classic with new to create a unique game that's one of the best of the year."

[5 / 5]

"VJ is just so polished, so fun -- you'll have a difficult time putting the controller down. [...] Here's hoping gamers like you go out and buy it so that publishers will make more original software like it. One of GameCube's finest. GCN owners absolutely need to buy and own this one. And if you're not yet a GameCube owner, VJ is reason enough to become one." -Matt Casamassina

"Graphics, gameplay, lasting appeal -- you name it, and Viewtiful Joe nails everything that truly makes a game fun. If the intense challenge intimidates you, then good -- you could probably use a good ass kicking, anyway. I know I certainly did. Beating this game is a badge of honor to wear with pride"
-Cory D. Lewis

[9.5 / 10]

PlanetGameCube says:
"A near-perfect game and a wonderful surprise for GameCube owners, Viewtiful Joe is fantastic in just about every way. [...] The game is getting a lot of hype and respect, and not without good reason. Go get it before the rest of the world discovers how "Viewtiful" it is."

[9.5 / 10]

Gamespot says:
"...much, much better than the average side-scrolling action game [...] It manages to simultaneously recall the simpler times of 2D platforming action games while modernizing the genre in several major ways. It pulls off its stylized gameplay without compromising the rest of the game for the sake of a few flashy moves and ideas. It also has an incredible look to it and enough depth (and enough extras) to keep you playing after you've finished the game once through. In short, those looking for something new and exciting in action gaming should definitely add Viewtiful Joe to their collection."

[9.2 / 10]

Nintendo Power says:
"The few hours that we spent with Viewtiful Joe have left us drained and yearning for just one more go."

[5 / 5]


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