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Our Mission

Back in the old days of gaming, it was all about fun. Logic and predictability took a backseat to gameplay and experience. Then, it didn't matter where your character came from or whether his mission was believable. It was all about one thing - the experience.

These days, videogames have begun to migrate into a state of technologically superior focus. Now that we have 733mHz processors playing our games, the next thing developers have turned to is realistic 3D graphics and a plot that is licensed to kill.

Viewtiful Joe is and has none of these things. It is an experience quite unlike any other; namely, it is simply and exclusively about fun. It is a tribute to the games of yesterday, and it is a diamond in the rough.

Now comes the reality of the situation: Capcom has recently announced that without favorable sales in the US, we will not see a sequel to Viewtiful Joe. Despite rave reviews across the board, the game did not do well in Japan, and has so far not managed to pick up much interest in the US. We find that unacceptable.

What we are witnessing here is quite possibly the revival of quality 2D action-platforming as we know it. To allow such an excellent title to go unnoticed would be a shame.

We aren't going to let that happen. Won't you join us?


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