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What's so great about Viewtiful Joe?

A simple question that is so curiously difficult to answer. Briefly...

Originally, games were simple in design and difficult in nature. But with technology came changes in the videogame industry. For the longest time, videogames have catered to fully-3D worlds and artificial intelligence. Now it seems that the world of 2D core gaming has dissolved.

Enter Viewtiful Joe. Goofy name, indicative of the game's lighthearted, humorous nature. In Viewtiful Joe, you won't battle opponents that learn your techniques or unravel tightly-contrived plot advances. What you will do is have fun.

You'll play a superhero named Joe - just a normal guy - who was pulled into movieland, his girlfriend kidnapped, while watching an old foreign action film at the theater. Sound ridiculous? It is. That's quite possibly the greatest thing about it.

You'll beat the crap out of enemies and jump on moving lifts above lava, collecting V-Films to make your trip easier. You'll score combo points against the numerous pattern-based baddies and use those points to buy new abilities and upgrades. You'll be thinking in four dimensions and testing your reflexes constantly, slowing down and speeding up time to solve simple yet clever puzzles and confuse bad guys.

And we're talking old-school here. Enemies aren't smart - no, they're all pattern-based. Think Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles meets Double Dragon meets The Matrix. The bosses are tough and relentless. The game is challenging. How long is it? That completely depends on the skill of the player. Even when you finish on the first difficulty, you will unlock new ones, and completely new ways to play, as well. You will play it again, as soon as you finish the first time. I'm personally on my fourth, playing on an insanely difficult setting under very trying circumstances.

And it's just so much fun. It's brought to you by the guys that gave us Mega Man and Street Fighter, and it shows. This game just screams quality. If only more games were like Viewtiful Joe.

I was skeptical at first - moreso than anyone, in fact. But somewhere around episode 3, it hit me - this game is just something special. It gets better every second that you play it, and it is one of the few games that will continue to surprise you and throw new ideas and experiences at you up until the very end.

Don't hesitate. Check it out - it's only $39. I have been a dedicated gamer since 1984, and it's one of my all-time favorites - especially in the past couple of generations. Why do you think I took the time to make this site? :)

Go get your copy, or we will never see a sequel! Trust me on this one, it's worth the buy.


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