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Welcome to the Buy Viewtiful Joe in 2004 Campaign HQ!

Although I sincerely doubt our campaign had much to do with the decision, Viewtiful Joe 2 has been officially announced as of yesterday. We're elated beyond words here at the Buy Viewtiful Joe in 2004 Campaign, but we'd like to remind everyone that you shouldn't stop pushing the game just because the sequel has been announced! I made the mistake of postponing this most recent update until now, but don't make the mistake of ignoring the importance of good sales for this excellent 2D game!

Some people started bugging me about getting this final update up here so that people know what's going on. I never abandoned the campaign, as a few of them seem to think. In fact, I was corresponding with several people in different parts of the US, helping them to sell the game in their stores, up until a matter of weeks ago. Just before my last update (which was originally going to be at the end of March), I'd heard about the sequel being pretty much confirmed. Now, it is official. Rejoice!

Thanks to everyone for their help. Even if we weren't what made the difference when it comes to the decision for a sequel (development began back in last summer, reportedly, although I'd imagine they could have conceivably cancelled it without prodding - who knows), we certainly were noticed. I've been contacted and thanked by someone at Capcom, even - they're elated that the game has amassed such a cult audience.

In conclusion, I'm leaving this webpage up to add materials to help push VJ, and also in case we need it in the future for VJ2. We'll probably run a big campaign for that game BEFORE LAUNCH, so check back here once the game has an official release date and we'll have stuff for you to do. Also, the forum is still open and there is much more to do there than just discuss VJ, as well. :)

Please, support 2D gaming! Peace!

IGN has awarded Viewtiful Joe the GameCube Game of the Year award!

Read their article on the game here.

Hopefully this honor will create more awareness among the videogamers of the world. Keep your eyes peeled, folks, we're putting up more content daily, with much more to come soon!

If you haven't already, do your part to spread the word! This is very important and it takes nothing more than a few minutes of your time. If we could get a few thousand people to hang a sign at their work or school or distribute paper slips someplace conspicuous, I can assure you we'd make a huge difference!

If you need to talk to me, the easiest way to reach me is either via email or by heading to the official message board. Not many people have posted yet, but I've gotten hundreds of emails, so it'd be great for people to sometimes announce what they're doing to help!

Let's get it on, people!

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great holiday season.

Now we're going to put things in motion, as the new year is here. It's time, my friends.

I've received many emails from people interested in helping - nearly two hundred in the past few weeks. A dozen emails alone are from retail workers alone that promise to spread the good word about the game. We have support. We will have more soon (I can promise you that, I'll say more later). For now, we need your dedication. It doesn't take much!

Another little thing: Make sure you suggest to the new VJ owners that they start on Adults mode, no matter how tempting Kids seems. Adults is truly where the game shines; it's much like the game's "Normal" difficulty. Kids, in many ways, ruins the experience for a lot of people. This is more important than you think!

Very soon we'll have more signs and printouts available for you guys. Remember, I can't do this without you. Don't pass this up; take a few minutes and print something out! I NEED YOU!

An announcement on Capcom's website that Hideki Kimiya's next project includes this picture of Viewtiful Joe playing the game. Jeux-France had this badly translated message to say about the announcement:

"Hideki Kamiya de Capcom at the origin of excellent Viewtiful Joe on GameCube still reveals on his Internet site a small image very fuzzy of its next play, one thus does not distinguish anything for the moment unfortunately, but it is promised to us that the image will be increased soon, this new project will be revealed soon."

If this is Viewtiful Joe 2 (which I highly doubt), I think there will be a lot of happy GameCube owners this holiday season. :)

Excellent news. USA Today has named Viewtiful Joe their pick for Game of the Year [ link ].

This is great news for VJ fans, as hopefully this will boost sales and give us a better chance at a full-blown sequel. Steven Kent, you rock!

In other news, it's the holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah, everyone! And you know what else the holiday season means... it's your chance to promote Viewtiful Joe as the Christmas gift of the season! Here are a few things you can do over the holidays to help the man with the pink cape:

  • If you work retail, spread the good word to your customers!
  • If your friends are making out lists, suggest Viewtiful Joe to them!
  • Go in on a gift with someone else - and make it Viewtiful Joe for $34.88 from Target! Assuming two people, $34.88 / 2 = $17.44. Definitely a reasonable price for such a great gift.

This is a very important part of the year for videogame sales, and a potentially huge time for VJ! Do your part, everyone!

I'm back from all the food... hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

A few things that everyone should know:

Viewtiful Joe is being sold at Target stores for $34.88 - an unbeatable price. You now have absolutely no reason to pass this game up.

But wait - that's not all. Capcom has released a holiday bundle that gets you VJ, a strategy guide, and two Viewtiful Joe bobbleheads - for just $50.

ALSO, VERY IMPORTANT: Sales of VJ have dropped enormously in November, just as I had expected. The game is carrying an extremely low profile coming into the holidays, so we need your help! Everyone can help - find out how you can do your part, however small, here!

If you work retail, we could REALLY use your help. Make sure VJ stays visible to the consumer - meaning, simply place it somewhere noticeable on the shelf! If people ask, tell them about it! Perhaps do the same even if they don't ask! You guys are the ones that can really make a difference here. Soon, we'll have signs and materials that you can hang in your store to get people's attention, but for now, word-of-mouth and product placement are the most important tools of all!

Just to address a couple of questions:

First of all, the reason for the "in 2004" in the campaign name was that I wished to be forward-looking. Yes, we will be doing something this holiday season, and of course, you don't have to tell people this Christmas that the name of the campaign that provoked your sales pitch included "in 2004" in the title. :)

Another thing: Viewtiful Joe truly isn't selling that badly. It didn't do well in Japan, but in America, it sold a solid 100,000 copies in October. That's fairly good, considering the game was released prior to the holiday season. However, I want to ensure the game's success. We're talking a serious chance here for Capcom to enliven a brand new franchise that caters to the old-school properties that we all love. For that reason, I need everyone's help to show Capcom that they've produced something great here.

I'd be heartbroken if the game sold some 50,000 copies this Christmas and then dropped off the charts altogether. We need to make this happen.

I can't do it without you! Just go for it!

VJ fans, this is your call to action!

Find out what you can do to support Viewtiful Joe here!

It doesn't take much - so far, we don't have much, but we're planning quite an expansive list of ways to promote the game. In the meantime, use the web banners and graphics on your web pages to get the word out to as many people as possible!

A little taste of what is planned: For those of you that work in the retail business, we'll have printouts and pinups for you to display in your stores or simply to show to customers (gamers or parents) that might be interested in the game. We're planning several options for the holiday season, so hopefully we'll be able to turn some heads with our in-your-face customer-run campaigning!

As for everyone else, we're going to have tons of options for you to help, also. We're designing catchy printout sheets that can be cut (in a matter of seconds) into about 30 strips of paper per sheet. These resulting sheets can then be placed in any pickup zone - meaning, any place where people generally pick up free stuff. A few good examples would be college campuses, placed with the free newspapers, middle and high schools, in the lunchrooms next to the cashiers, and workplaces, in the company breakroom or wherever else they might be noticed. Don't worry, we'll make them ink-conservative and yet at the same time intriguing.

And of course, we're always open to your suggestions, as this is a project run by the people for the people!

Do your part, everyone, and we will do ours! Let's make this happen! :)

The site launched today. Not much here yet, but we're working on gathering support! Things planned for the not-so-distant future: Web banners, Pinups and posters, custom emails, forums, and all sorts of Viewtiful junk to help spread the word. We're going to make this happen, so bookmark us and check back regularly!

If you're wondering just what all of this is about, check out the Mission link on the wonderfully neon sidebar to your left. Most of the other links don't work yet.

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